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Solon Synthesis
                                                                             Suggested readings
The crisis of polymorphous capitalism PDF Print E-mail

Pol Capitalism commonThe vicious circle of institutional, bond-holding, and profiteering capitalism and the impasse of commercial and industrial capitalism

The crisis of accumulated capital, together with the crisis of competition-induced shortage and the actual gamification - that is, that profiteering based on the gamifying of the markets and the forces of production - has definitively entered upon a new cycle and acquired a new horizon in the direction of the future. In this crisis, the great capitalist states are gradually taking on a different role, while the anthropological factor, and demographic, technological, and environmental magnitudes form an additional factor which is calling for this shift.

Questions for Freud and his successors PDF Print E-mail

Hall Freud Jung in front of ClarkThe science of psychology is one of the most important tools available to mankind. Before the discovery of psychoanalysis by Sigmund Freud, women who suffered from hysteria were 'treated' by electro-shock. At that period, 'doctors' were unable to imagine a better therapy for an illness for which they believed the displacement of the womb to be responsible. Freud's theory revealed, inter alia, a part of the manner of operation of the human psyche, demonstrated the existence and the definitive role of repressed experiences of psychic pain, and was able to bring relief to many kinds of psychological problems. Much has happened since then.

"Climate for change, or how to create a green modernity?", by Ulrich Beck PDF Print E-mail

Professor Ulrich Beck (Image source:London School of EconomicsUlrich Beck, German sociologist and professor at Munich University and London School of Economics analyzes the elitist discourse on the issue of climate politics. The category of "Environment" according to Mr. Beck should be integrated to social and human problems.
The key question is: Why is there no storming of the Bastille because of the environmental destruction threatening mankind, why no Red October of ecology?

From the culture of war to the culture of peace, by Demosthenes Kyriazis PDF Print E-mail

polemosThe dominant culture of humanity and its causes

In the known history of mankind, dominant culture of different peoples was and still is the culture of war; it was and is the civilization of war. Reference to this fact originated first from the Greek philosopher Heraclitus, from Ionia (544-484 BC) who declared that: The war is the father and king of all things that make some people Gods, others free and others slaves. “Πόλεμος πάντων μέν πατήρ ἐστι, πάντων δέ βασιλεύς, καί τούς μέν θεούς ἔδειξε τούς δέ ἀνθρώπους, τούς μέν δούλους ἐποίησε, τούς δέ ἐλευθέρους” .

The experience of physical and psychological suffering - Its cycle and meaning (Part One) PDF Print E-mail

THH by CollierHow many of us are aware of the benefaction of suffering? How are the daydreams of Rousseau linked with Ecclesiastes and Ramakrishna? Why, since suffering is a stimulus to evolution, are we afraid to look it in the face? Is this reaction natural, or is it a product of the dominant way of thinking of our civilisation?

On the road to disarming self-deception PDF Print E-mail

eswter plan zwh eklek-2-26Every moment of our everyday lives and of history can be - and is - profoundly crucial, full of possibilities which frequently elude the routine of our consciousness. These moments are replete with the fullness of prospects, but we ignore them; we ignore the wealth of the present, its regenerating and innovative inspiration; we impoverish Now, and so make the future poorer.

The fourfold deficit in synthesis and the handling of the complex internal and global crisis PDF Print E-mail

stock exchange"If we are to escape the impending disaster which hangs over our present disintegrating world, we must make a far - reaching and fundamental revision of the old established patterns of thinking, and institute completely new principles."[1], Oliver Reiser
If one has followed the history of the sciences and of politics up to the present, an internal deficit in synthesis is observable.

Waiting for the next speculative lack of food and other staple goods PDF Print E-mail

Foods Market commonTaking as the starting point of our consideration the public debate that is often held on cheap and expensive oil and the role of speculators in the setting of its price,(1) as well as the forecasts for a new crisis of a lack of food, it would be worth noting the necessity of distinguishing two levels in the intersection of supply and demand:
a. direct real demand, with whichever chronological forecasts for an estimate of the fluctuation of actual demand, and, secondarily,
b. demand in financial contract-making and discounts, stock market petroleum titles, petroleum supply and demand.

Proposals of the NGO Solon for an integrated water policy PDF Print E-mail

Water Dim solon220Water policy, on the basis of progressive and participatory governance as well as of sustainable development and protection of the environment, should be integrated and compatible with European, international and national legal commitments.

The Forgotten Objective of Francis Bacon, and Peace PDF Print E-mail

Francis_BaconThe generally-held conviction of the average man that he is a supporter of peace and of reason is false.
The conviction also that technical progress would bring about psychological progress has been contradicted by reality. Evidence of this is provided by constant military conflicts, national aggressiveness - with or without pretexts - the violent looting of the mineral resources of countries which have previously been steamrollered 'in the interests of' democracy - and so on.

Soul and the bourgeois PDF Print E-mail

schoolThe new Enlightenment which many seek after - among the most distinguished of them being the sociologist Ulrich Beck - speaks of the necessity for a new Fall of the Bastille.[1] This time, however, the call for this is not focused on opposition to the monarchy, but on dealing with the environmental problem, emergent economic totalitarianism, and the spiritual or cultural impasse, with reference to ourselves, to our identity.

The consequences of refusal to think in the field of concepts PDF Print E-mail

thinking 300(Part Two of the article 'The need for thinking and responsibilities for our way of thinking')

In a strange way, the selfishness of not concerning oneself with the field of concepts makes man passive, even if, in practice, he may seem exceptionally active, though impelled by desires and instincts, ignoring the nature of his aims. The results of this refusal are, inter alia, that:

The distance between the three powers and the popular mandate PDF Print E-mail

Yiannis Zisis kasetina lgThe issue of the distance observable between each of the three powers and the popular mandate is fundamental to the political situation in any age of history, but has taken on special importance in our own, because it is in this that societies have acquired and have achieved a certain degree of popular sovereignty, even if only at the level of constitutional formulation. Some serious problems arise in connection with the popular mandate as an expression of popular sovereignty.

Paths of spiritual evolution PDF Print E-mail

Islands of ConsciousnessReflections and Experiences as to the Ideal of the Consciousness and Reality - Paths of Spiritual Evolution
If 'not perceptible' does not mean 'non-existent', why is our death perceived as non-existence? Perhaps some day the contemporary state of consciousness in almost all its breadth will seem like a dream consigned to oblivion as the will for Dreaming and the upward evolution of the potentialities and choices of the brain will have transposed the point of their polarisation far from where it is today.

Mutually supportive people and everyday life PDF Print E-mail

Arc-traLittle by little, in history, people who are mutually supportive in anthropological and psychological terms have emerged. The recognition of the value of such solidarity has progressed to a degree where society has advanced to another level, to that of institutionalised solidarity.

The remediation of the imaginary PDF Print E-mail

Bozzetto.1956 commonImagination is one of the fundamental creative forces and a fundamental factor behind the field of social, economic, and cultural institution.
From the point of view of evolution, the role of the creative imagination is of particular importance, but its constructive aspect can be approached only through a dialectic relation of balance with the concept of sustainability.

The state in the free economy (Part Five) - A check on the criteria of social value in the 'free' economy PDF Print E-mail

ParliamentAll this philosophy of supposed 'freedom' in the economy belongs within the context of the assessment of the capacity for enrichment as an absolute value, which is something atavistic and very ancient and is concerned solely with survival, but now not as a need, but as a value which is transformed into superiority.

Sexuality as a political, economic and cultural force - Part Seven PDF Print E-mail

HumanSexuality_commonSexuality as seduction in marriage
We have arrived, then, at the problem of marriage and the familiarity which it brings about. Can sexual seduction operate in this familiarity, inside the known and the acquis? Obviously, no! Seduction is non-familiarity, alienation, inequality. Seduction cannot flourish within the framework of the familiar, and for this reason marriage goes through a sexual crisis from its inception. Of course, it is not only sex which creates problems in marriage, it is the relationship in itself - and this is the fundamental problem. Where there is a problem and weakness of the consciousness, there the 'need' for seduction shows up.

The 'Herod Syndrome' PDF Print E-mail

MordredFear of the future is common to all of us. Daily and social life is determined by our attitude towards fear in the face of time.
The positive and negative characters in history and the trends of thought are shaped by the manner in which they react to this.
For those who have surrendered to fear, all the spiritual, intellectual, and biological 'children' of evolution constitute a threat.
Surrender to the pressure of fear in the face of time produces what the writer calls the 'Herod Syndrome'. This attitude to fear in the face of time is behind every closed society.

A. The political history of education Print E-mail

1.PlatoOur aim in this article is to identify, with immediacy, the roots on which the alienating state of education has been founded.

The history of education starts out from the primitive family, in which the child copies his parent - though unconsciously. This imitation magnetises him to the experiences of his parents. It is difficult for us to derive any more information from the obscure beginnings of pedagogy, which are buried in the rust of the subconscious of mankind. If we take man as an imitator, we must, first of all, regard him as an observer and then as an imitator and creator.

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