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A Plan for the Future
The Forgotten Objective of Francis Bacon, and Peace PDF Print E-mail
A Plan for the Future

Francis_BaconThe generally-held conviction of the average man that he is a supporter of peace and of reason is false.
The conviction also that technical progress would bring about psychological progress has been contradicted by reality. Evidence of this is provided by constant military conflicts, national aggressiveness - with or without pretexts - the violent looting of the mineral resources of countries which have previously been steamrollered 'in the interests of' democracy - and so on.

The need for a major new spiritual planetic undertaking PDF Print E-mail
A Plan for the Future


In regarding the planetic field as one of spiritual entity and unity, it is important that we should point out two things:
First, humanity has entered definitively upon an economic crisis, having set in motion the environmental crisis in parallel.


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