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On the road to disarming self-deception PDF Print E-mail
Life – Consciousness

eswter plan zwh eklek-2-26Every moment of our everyday lives and of history can be - and is - profoundly crucial, full of possibilities which frequently elude the routine of our consciousness. These moments are replete with the fullness of prospects, but we ignore them; we ignore the wealth of the present, its regenerating and innovative inspiration; we impoverish Now, and so make the future poorer.

We waste the present with desires, self-deceptions, idols, and ignorance. Or rather, we impoverish our self, or, more truly, the ghost of ourselves in our ignorance, in our depleted consciousness. We exhaust our consciousness frequently for a mere nothing, or on nothing itself.

For us to see the wealth of the present, the wealth of our self, calls for a relationship of love and not of separateness or flight. Without love, we cannot recognise it. Existence, life, is an exceptional inheritance which we can accept and recognise at any moment. Our soul, body, society, and nature are a living source of wonderful and outstanding possibilities.

Desire fails because it indicates a lack of understanding of the present and a consciousness unreconciled to the here and now and the existent, to the presence of being. Their existent, given, and feasible are much richer than the deceptions of idols and their desire. We live in the Now, we do not live in the idol of desire. Even the idol and desire stem from energy in the present or the energy of the present. We render this marvellous energy useless by attempting to imprison the future in a form of an idol of desire, in flight.

We lose the infinite in the present and the future in a theatre of moments. We divert the consciousness, we exile it from the presence of being in the entertaining, but tormenting theatre of moments, desires, and idols.

We exercise the power and violence of ignorance in substituting this for the vitality of energy, in a theatre of ghosts, in a series of dependences upon the transitoriness of forms. We turn the senses and consciousness from a source of enjoyment of Being into hostages and accessories of desires.

The course we have followed up to now shows that we must adopt a different stance towards Time, we must liberate it from our desires in order for us to be able to live in it in freedom.

Time is not a field of spectacle, but energy of Being. We do not discover this energy by taking flight from our Self. To express it differently, or more truly: we liberate this energy by travelling to the One Self or the universal Being.
This is also the field of the liberation of our consciousness.

Yiannis Zisis, writer

Date of publication (in Greek): 22 April 2010

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