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Telearea_exof_200"Direct Democracy in Telearea" was published in 2005 by “Patakis Publications” in Greek.

The main target of this book is the Presentation of the idea that the digital technology is an opportunity and a vehicle for the re-orientation of today’s democracies to the principles and to the spirit of the ancient Greek democracy.

Some colleagues and friends who are interested in this issue but they do not speak Greek, encouraged me to translate “my Telearea” in English.

Thus, it was created the English Edition of Telearea which also has two new subjects (intelligence of the citizens and political systems – Democracy and modern Physics) and some further footnotes related to the Greek edition.

The translation of all the above texts was carried out by the young lady Katerina Kamakari.

Ms Kamakari worked with interest and enthusiasm in order to translate in English a difficult text. A text that includes many meanings and terms taken from political sciences, applied sciences and technology.

I would like to express to my friend Katerina my deep appreciation and my warm thanks for her effort.
Many people consider that any effort has its own value independently of its results.
I wish that this would also stand for the writing and the translation of this book.

Demosthenes Kyriazis

Free download (pdf) E-book: “Direct Democracy in Telearea”

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