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The Labour Movement-Economy

The need for the reconstituting of the labour movement at a local and international level, in the broadest possible dimensions, in the middle, moreover, of a profound economic crisis, not only in terms of trade unionism, but in depth socially, as a social front, is obvious. The society of labour, in its broadest sense, must reconstitute its political power and escape from the trap of consumerism and its consumerist fragmentation which comes about through the society of spectacle, and redefine its function in relation to the dynamic of the formation of a political - social - historical subject.

Thus it will be able to put forward in a planned, co-operative, and effective way its approaches to the future, in such a way that it becomes a power of expression for progressive planning and the democratic reconstituting of politics - even of culture.

What is needed is an integrated replanning - on new terms - in the manner of Gramsci in order for the society of labour to be liberated from its political, as well as its consumer or cultural, fragmentation, which is cultivated through promises of an individual sharing in the great consumer dream or of a share in the lifestyle of the Leisure Class, albeit in appearance only. This replanning should shape a structured, pragmatist, and evolving modellisation of life - it should shape, that is to say, new models of life and relations so as to succeed in being a proponent of correct human relations and of a different quality in the system and to release its self from bewitchment.

In this way the reconstituting of the labour movement will liberate contemporary man from the spell of fragmenting and parasitical consumerism and will be able to promote the need for sustainable development - which also implies a reduction in demand - on terms of a just prosperity and a civilized happiness, with profound social and ecological characteristics. This means that the society of labour must become a proponent, agent, and shaper of a new cultural model, but also an agent of education, of the self-education of societies and of mankind on new lines which will produce horizons of spiritual security, of elimination of fear, of freedom, and sharing. This reconstituting, therefore, cannot operate partially, that is, only in economic and trade union and organisation matters. It must have a vast cultural and social front of synthesis which will be a front of the liberation and sociability of man.

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